From Teaching to Administration

Though teaching is one of the most honorable and rewarding professions, some educator's life plan include administration. As a teacher, the first three years are a challenge, struggling with lesson planning, classroom management, and teacher evaluations. For the person whose long term goal is administration, looking at each challenge as a learning experience can help one to become an effective and successful teacher and administrator. If a person's sights are set on administration, it is important to prove oneself as an effective teacher while completing the necessary education and finding the time to serve committees that will showcase leadership skills.Want more? Click here/tag Some opportunities may include serving as the department chair, a committee chairperson, or sponsoring student activities. Many school districts offer various opportunities in administration such as dean of students, director of athletics, and director of curriculum. For the larger school districts there are opportunities for administrators to work in staff and curriculum development. After successfully completing an advanced degree in administration, proving oneself as a successful educator, and making strategic choices to show the commitment and desire to become an administrator, moving from teacher to administration can be an achievable goal.
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Adult Basic Education: Is it for You?

As an education student, there many different career paths that you could take. One of the "roads less traveled by" that could make all the difference is Adult Basic Education. You would help prepare students for their GED exams. Would it be a good match for you? Do you have a lot of patience? Are you willing to start at the beginning and explain even the simplest of concepts to someone who is probably older, perhaps much older, than you? Are you a renaissance person who would enjoy teaching a variety of subjects? Would you like teaching adults more than kids, or would you miss the little ones tugging at your jacket, wanting your attention?

There are many settings for Adult Basic Education teachers, including evening and weekend classes for local school districts, prison systems, community-supported classes and even personal tutoring opportunities. Which one appeals to you more? The positions vary widely in terms of pay, benefits and working conditions. If you have the average 26,000 college debt, then you may have to look for a job with excellent salary and benefits, usually in school districts or prisons. Which ever you choose could offer a challenging and rewarding career.
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Dual Certification: Regular and Special Education

Teachers with dual certification benefit from special education certification even if they do not choose to teach special education classes. The extra emphasis on instruction for children with mental, behavior or physical disabilities will enhance any teacher's classroom skills. It will also help teachers recognize children who are not in special education but who would benefit from the specialized program. Teachers with dual certification also have an edge in general education dealing with students mainstreaming from special education.

College programs that qualify graduates for regular and special education certification double a new teacher's chance of finding satisfying employment.Confused? Here 's a little help . In rural areas, schools may not need a full-time special education teacher. A general education teacher who can teach special ed part time will have an advantage over other job applicants. Teachers with proficiency in more than one area always have an easier time finding a job than teachers with only one certification.
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Before You Commit: Check Your School’s Job Placement Rate

In today's economy let's face the fact that if we are going to take the time to get a better education for a better job, we must know if there is even still a market for what we want to pursue. Most colleges will tell you that getting a higher education will increase your chances for becoming employed. What they will not tell you is that many graduates are not doing a job that correlates with the degree they earned.

One major factor that you should really check when you are considering a college is their job placement after graduation. It is vital to know if the people graduating from you desired school are indeed getting hired after they leave. If so then how high of a percentage are getting hired? Your school should have these statistics on hand. If they do not, then some of this information should be easy enough to find online.

Most schools have a job placement program for graduates, so the numbers should be easy to find. Ask around and see if any graduates are available to discuss their experience. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to have a relatively good success rate with graduate placement. If they do not then the school may not be the best place to spend your education dollar.
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Do Your Student Teaching in Another Country

There are more people choosing the teaching profession every year . Good teachers are in high demand all over the world because people realize how important teachers are in everyone's life. One of the guidelines for becoming a teacher is that a person must complete some time student teaching. This is when people who are in school actually teaches in a classroom with another teacher. This gives them time actually inside of a classroom.

Many teachers are choosing to do their student teaching abroad for various reasons.I was looking for more information and found it here. One reason that they are choosing to do it is so they will be able to experience another country. It is one thing to read about another country in books; however it is different to actually be there and be able to experience some of the things that was read about. Another awesome thing about doing student teaching in another country is the fact that the teacher would get first hand experience seeing how teachers from another country manages their classroom. It can be quite different than someone who has only saw the American way of teaching different subjects. It is a really great experience and more teachers each year decide to make the choice of doing their student teaching in another country.
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What Teaching Fields Are In The Highest Demand?

Teachers are some of the most amazing people in the world. It takes specific qualities to be a successful teacher and many people recognize that. Some people go into the field because they realize that many times teachers will be able to get jobs because every school district needs them. There are some areas in the teaching field that are in even higher demand than the others.

Special education is a teaching field that is definitely in high demand because it takes a specific kind of person to help with people who have mental and physical disabilities. There takes an even greater level of patience than a typical teacher. It is also in higher demand now than ever because more children are being placed into special needs classrooms.

Another teaching field that is in high demand is ESL or English as a Second Language teacher and Bilingual Teachers. Teachers who can communicate with students who may not be able to speak English well are highly needed. According to some statistics this is the field that is in the highest of demand because there are not as many teachers who speak different languages.

Another teaching field that could use some more teachers is science and math. Many teachers do not go into this field for many reasons. So these are some of the teaching fields that people who are looking into going into the teaching field should take a look at.
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Ten Tips for Landing Your First Job

As soon as you graduate, the actual work of landing your first job begins. Finding your first job can be frustrating and exhausting if you don't have a proper career plan.

The following are the ten career planning tips that help you land in your first job:

1) Many employers look for grades when hiring an employee. Some even look for a GPA of 3 or more. Work towards graduating with good grades.
2) Work as an intern or get some part time job in the field of your choice to gain some real time experience.
3) Oral and written communication is very important for any job these days, so improve your communication skills.
4) Join a professional networking site and improve your contacts.
5) Prepare your resume. Your resume must clearly show your educational qualifications and work experience.
6) Before attending an interview, know well about the company and its goals.
7) Don't rush while answering questions. Ask the interviewer to repeat the questions if you don't understand a question.
8) Keep smiling in between the interview. This makes the interviewer believe that you are interested in the position and the company.
9) Computer knowledge is essential for most of the jobs these days. Improve your computer skills.
10) Say thank you as soon as the interview is finished.

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Should You Go Straight To Graduate School?

So, you have graduated with that piece of paper that signifies diligence, hard work, and specialty in your chosen field of study--but what happens after you have received your bachelor's degree?

A lot of people would think the answer is simple: find a career in your chosen field. What if you are not able to find the job that you are seeking in your chosen field? A lot of people do not find that particular job that they are looking for directly out of college, so they enroll in graduate school. Although graduate school should not be anyone's "default" choice if they are not able to snag the job they are seeking, there are a few benefits that come from going to graduate school right after graduating from undergraduate school.

One reason to go straight to graduate school is to advance your career (if you already have one). Another reason to go to graduate school because your advanced credentials will help you stand out amongst your peers (especially if there is a low demand for your career choice and there are a lot of people out there vying for the same career). Going to graduate school can also help increase your potential earning power.
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AA Degree: Is it Worth It?

The question is one that many students are asking as everything is being geared towards specialists no matter what the field may be. The question can be answered with a resounding "Yes, it is."
There are many associate careers that are very satisfying. It's not easy to get an AA and you need to have a good idea of where your career will lead you before you decide on what your future might offer you and your family.
One of the major careers that has opened up the last 20 years are computer experts. Every year there are more and more jobs open in various computer fields. This is still a relatively untapped business expanding exponentially all the time.
Nursing and health tech positions are constantly in search of specialists. At-home nursings jobs as well as the many emergency medical health care locations are looking for AA graduates. The health tech postions go hand-in- hand with the new use of computer diagnosis to find problems to our health.
There are many satisfying occupations that can be found with the right associates degree, while many use the AA to get their feet wet in the work force while pursuing a BA.
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Beyond the Classroom: Other Jobs with an Education Degree

Most people believe that getting a degree in education limits them to only working in the classroom. This is not always the case. Having a degree in education can open the door for many opportunities.

You can work from home as an online tutor. Many companies hire tutors to help students online from the comfort of their home.

There are many businesses looking for people to help with training. They often look for teachers or people with a degree in education. Knowing the different ways people learn and how to teach all types is very beneficial to training. Often, companies will pay top dollar to bring someone in to train employees.

Journalism is another area where having a degree in education can be helpful. News outlets are looking for people who can get a message across to an audience. teachers are some of the best people to do this. They know how to deliver stories and communicate so people can understand.

Obtaining a degree in education does not limit you to the classroom only. There are many outlets who are specifically looking for teachers and educators in other fields. Having a degree in education can really set you apart from others applicants.Take a look here to learn more: Birmingham sees success in Teach For America but program hasn't sold itself to all our commenters
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